Protect Customer and Employee Health.

20-0610_FloorGuardiantFull-Height Floor Guardiant™ Standing Shield

The Guardiant™ Floor Standing Shield is designed and built to help prevent the spread of disease in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers in close proximity.

The partition forms a shield that may help prevent the direct physical and airborne spread of germs. The opaque acrylic can separate people movement lanes such as checkout lanes or bank teller lines.

Social distancing protocols cannot always be followed. The Guardiant™ Floor Screen may lower the health safety risk for employees and customers in industries that continue to operate during throughout the COVID crisis.


  • 5’-9 1/2”H x 2’-6 1/2” W
  • Clear fluted polycarbonate
  • Easily sanitized with any common disinfectant
  • Free-standing, movable wall
  • Legs allow use on any even floor surfaces
  • Sturdy build weighs 35 pounds, preventing tip-overs

Quality Guaranteed

Built from durable, opaque acrylic with solid aluminum frame to match the requirements of high traffic retail environments.

Safer Interactions

Put your customers at ease with a visible barrier that allows for face-to-face interaction while still maintaining separation of personal space.

Protect Your Employees

May help shield customers and employees from unintentional exposure to a sneeze or cough during transactions.

Essential for Business

Ideal for essential businesses such as convenience, grocery, retail, medical, dental, and pharmacy settings.