Turn-Key Reservation System


Up and Running in 24-Hours

Retailers need to track and manage occupancy levels, allowing them to open locations responsibly and in a timely manner in a post-pandemic environment. That means controlling access and knowing exactly how many people are on-site at any given time.

The Express-REZ solution allows shoppers to reserve a specific time slot, through a Mobile App or website . This allows retailers to set, control and manage occupancy thresholds in real-time to provide a safe and comfortable shopping experience. Guest’s receive an electronic ticket, on their mobile app, that is scanned at the entrance, providing entrance to the store


  • Available as a ready-to-use, turn-key solution
  • Be up and running as fast as 24 hours
  • Use the available SDK to integrate to your existing apps
  • Custom-designed app-development available

Website Access

Guest’s can create and send a personalized ticket reservation to their mobile phone app or print at home with reservation confirmation including time slot requested.

Guest Access

Use a mobile app or website, to create a reservation by selecting the date, time slot, entrance door, number of guests for their visit. Once complete guests receive an electronic ticket personalized to their selected options.

Employee Access

Employees receive secured access, via a mobile app, and receive a re-usable electronic ticket for their assigned work shifts. Mall operators configure and assign the number of employees by store.