UV-Clean Disinfection Safety Solutions

Unique Solutions for High-Touch Devices


How does UV sanitizing work?
UV disinfection and sanitizing technology, used for over 50 years, produces a UV-C non-visible light that inactivates bacteria and viruses at the cellular level, preventing them for multiplying and causing any infection. It is now available & affordable for high-touch technologies. including touch-screens, tablets and pin pads.

All solutions contain these features:

  • Kills 99.9% of pathogens
  • Automated & customized cleaning cycles
  • Motion-sensor activation

Stand alone
Designed for placement of small portable tablets and cell phones in the stainless-steel tray providing a quick and easy way to disinfect devices. UV-C light is dispensed at timed intervals with low levels up to 24" away.

Tablet, scanner, and pin-pad
Requires minimal assembly, just attach the head and appropriate bracket to any screen under 24” and a side attached payment device. Best for food kiosks, self-checkouts, registry systems, and more.

Payment systems
Attaches to any payment solution – UV-C light is dispensed at timed intervals to disinfect the pin-pad between users and does not damage the device. Requiring minimal assembly, unique brackets attach the head and to almost any pin pad and mounting system. Great for all payment locations.